Raw materials based on the Manx isle, Manx isle has the manufacture must be used in isle of lime base of pebbles, after calcining, filtration, sedimentation and let stand for 48 after working procedure, can be applied directly in the isle of lime base
Product description

Main ingredients: limestone, nano calcium carbonate, inorganic minerals, cellulose

Product net weight: 12kg / barrel

Reference dosage: 2-3kg/m2

Preparation tools: wool roller, stainless steel batch knife, seaweed ball

Construction process:

1. directly batch "ManX" again, and pay attention to leveling

2. carry out the second batch of flat batches, followed by batch irregularities on the surface

3. Irregular polishing before "ManX" is dry

Selective construction: After drying for 24 hours, if waterproofing is required, waterproof glaze wax can be used.

Implementation standards:

JC/T1024 "Wall Finishing Mortar"

GB 18582-2008 "Limits of harmful substances in interior wall decoration materials for interior decoration materials”

Shelf life: 12 months under normal temperature and dry condition (original factory)

Technical Description:

① The same wall cannot be applied to different batches of material.

② different bases will make the color (possibly) different.

③ Materials that have been mixed with water should be used within 24 hours.

④ Waterproof wax must be used when it is applied to a non-waterproof wall or used in a bathroom.

Note: Pay attention to the critical point of the environment: the temperature is lower than 5 °C, and the relative humidity is more than 85%.

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Brand agent: Manntree paint Co., Ltd.

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