Ramsey, with its classical colors and modern decorative ideas, will present a new concept and lifestyle.Ramsey, with its classical colors and modern decorative ideas, will present a new concept and lifestyle.
Product description

Main ingredients: silicate, white carbon strontium, nano calcium carbonate, inorganic minerals, cellulose

Reference dosage: 4-6m2/kg/2 times

Product net weight: 5kg / barrel

Preparation tools: wool roller, brush, seaweed ball

Construction process:

① Please stir the “Ramsey” well before use.

② Evenly apply the closed primer once, and the painted bottom layer should be completely waterproof.

③ Add ≤5% water for dilution (limit higher water addition)

④ Apply the wall surface 1-2 times in a non-standard manner

⑤ Note: Under normal circumstances, each interval of construction is at least 4-6 hours apart.

Selective construction: After drying for 24 hours, if waterproofing is required, waterproof glaze wax can be used.

Executive Standard: GB 18582-2008 "Limited Quantity of Hazardous Materials in Interior Finishing Materials”

Shelf life: 12 months under normal temperature and dry condition (original factory)

Technical Description:

① The same wall cannot be applied to different batches of material.

② different bases will make the color (possibly) different.

③ Materials that have been mixed with water should be used within 24 hours.

④ Waterproof wax must be used when it is applied to a non-waterproof wall or used in a bathroom.

Note: Pay attention to the critical point of the environment: the temperature is lower than 5°C, and the relative humidity is more than 85%.

Technical Support: You can log on to Manntree website at www.manntree.co.uk for the latest information on this product.

Brand agent: Manntree paint Co., Ltd.

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