ManX raw materials based on the manx isle. Manx isle has the manufacture must be used in isle oflime base of pebbles, the quality of the pebbles from a local called"Niarbyl"river, after a pollution-free water washed for a long time, makes the pebbles exceptionally smooth and white, a day of many rayaterials procurement from Manntree division will be chosen every pebble to carry on the deep processing, after calcining, filtration, sedimentation and let stand for 48 after working procedure, can be applied directly in the isle of lime base

Today, ManX which was chosen as the main raw material of Manx isle, brings the natural raw material to China.


Four natural forces that create

The nature of the product

ManX originally designed for the restoration of renaissance ManX isle old architectures.

It follows the traditional application technique used throughout the years.




We'll start from stone and go back again to the state of stone after a series of events that will transform it,separate some elements and eventually recreate its natural mineral essence,without affecting its naturalness,durability,and vapor permeability.